Boys Golf Nears the 18th Hole

Ryan Vespi and Murphy Foss

Staff Writers

Each year the Jamesville-DeWitt Varsity Boys Golf team seems to always finish with a winning record. Last year under coach Paul Valentino, the team closed their season with a 12-2 record, and two players headed to sectionals. “Last year was a great year,” said sophomore Jakob Ellithorpe. “We had a ton of talent and played very good games.”  


This year the competition has been tougher and the team is 7-4. “It’s a very competitive division but we’re pretty good and have a chance to win the rest of our games,” said sophomore Turner Pomeroy.


This year Auburn got away with a win, beating J-DHS by a single point upsetting the team. “Auburn shoots well no matter where they play and all of their players are very good,” said Pomeroy. Next year the team is looking forward to a big game against Auburn after their tough loss this season.


Senior captain Mac Mott has made a very noticeable impact on the team’s success over the years. “Mac definitely energizes the team and likes to have a good time on the course,” said Ellithorpe. “But he likes to win and win with pride.”

After finishing fourth as a team in sectionals on Oct. 6, senior Will Havens and junior Alvin Ratanaphan will be advancing to states which are held in the spring.

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