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Le Club Français Vit au Québec

“The Quebec trip was super fun and it is one of my favorite parts of the year.” —Skylar Hardt, '20 Contributors: ...

RamPage April 1991

RamPage April 1997

RamPage November 1986

Freshmen Step Into Their Future

Although the transition from eighth to ninth grade can be overwhelming, many freshman can tell you the change from middle school to...

Beauty Pageants Are Destroying “Inner Beauty”

Beauty isn't defined by a measurement or number; it comes in all shapes and sizes. It's not healthy to have young girls...

RamPage November 1996

Included In This Issue: More Time Eases CongestionMusic Department's Cabaret TonightNews BriefsThey Did With A Winning AttitudeFor Some...

Ram-Pages December 1958

Included In This Issue: Student Teacher InterviewCourse ControversyWhat Do You Want For Christmas?ThinkChristmas Concert A SuccessInquiring ReporterBook ReviewRecords"An...

March 1984 Manifest

Included In This Issue: Homeroom, Those Infamous 10 MinutesComputer MadnessThe Art DepartmentIn Remembrance: Angelo Patitucci"The Other Holocaust"$- Where...

Open Your Eyes, Not An App

"Just looking at the new setting can be embarrassing for people" On September 12, 2018 Apple launched their new...


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