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Lizzy Smith, '22

Staff writer for the RamPage. When I am not writing for the RamPage, I am hanging out with friends, swimming or playing softball.

Open Your Eyes, Not An App

"Just looking at the new setting can be embarrassing for people" On September 12, 2018 Apple launched their new update IOS 12 that most iPhone users have. IOS 12...

Shoppingtown “Mall?”

Should Shoppingtown Mall even be considered a mall with only seven stores remaining? A formerly popular mall in the Dewitt area, Shoppingtown mall, was opened in 1954....

What People Don’t Realize About Dieting

"There is a difference in Wanting a healthier lifestyle and wanting to be skinny" A healthy diet is very important. Not only can it improve your health, but it...

Stereotypes Affecting Men

According to The American Heritage Dictionary, masculinity is “Something traditionally considered to be characteristic of a male,” meaning, that there are many stereotypes for men.  Men are expected to be brave, tough,...

Destiny USA Takes on Food Trends

There has been many new food trends this year that many people have been dying to try. You can find some of these food trends at Destiny USA Mall right here in...