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Rampage Editorial Team

Max Fagelman

News Editor

Max Fagelman is the News Editor for Rampage. When he's not working on the paper you can find him doing photography or running on the track.

Grace Evans

Lifestyle Editor

The only thing shorter than her height is her attention span. Let's just say she keeps her articles short. You should read them. Xoxo.

Luke Hobika

Culture Editor

When he's not studying, saying hi to you in the halls, or running, you can 100% guarantee that he is analyzing your favorite piece of music, film, or television.

Nina Dermody

Culture Editor

One of the Culture Editors at RamPage. When she's not running around on the soccer field, she's probably laughing really obnoxiously!

Alethea Shirilan-Howlett

YamPage Editor

Enjoys pushing boundaries. Especially that of the school newspaper's integrity and credibility. Manages Yampage, the satirical newspaper.

Maeve Dougherty

Sports Editor

Maeve is the sports editor for the RamPage. When she's not writing, you can find her rowing, or jammin' out with her AIRPODS.

Ben Harkaway

Opinion Editor

Ben Harkaway, a senior, is the Opinion editor and lead contributor for the column "The Philosopher's Corner" for RamPage.

Elsa Hardt

Graphic Editor

Elsa Hardt is the Graphic Editor for RamPage. When she's not working on the paper you will find her in the art room or on the court.

Alice O'Connor

Web Assistant

Alice is the Web Assistant for RamPage. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, running, and being your average ninja.

Will Guisbond

Web Master

Will Guisbond is the webmaster for Rampage. Responsible for the smooth operation of everything web related, he's the "man behind the curtain." In his free time, Will is a tennis player, pilot, food-enthusiast and sleeper.