RamPage November 1996

Included In This Issue:

  • More Time Eases Congestion
  • Music Department’s Cabaret Tonight
  • News Briefs
  • They Did With A Winning Attitude
  • For Some Students, Lunch Is Too Short
  • It Isn’t Always Fun To Be a Freshman
  • Local Crime Prompts Fears
  • Principal’s Cabinet Explained
  • PSAT’s Change Format For 1997
  • International Club
  • Mrs. LaTray Creates New Chemistry
  • Physical Education: A Change For The Better?
  • Club News: Lights, Camera, Action
  • Whatever Happened To Senior Study Halls
  • Music Gives Sports An Extra Boost
  • Act-So Recognizes African American Students
  • Would You Rather Be Tall or Small?
  • Rams Football ’96 Ran A Great Season
  • Fall Wrap-Up: J-D Excels
  • People Prefer Pink, Poofy Chairs
  • Teen Institute Offers Alternatives
From the 1950's until May 2009, the student newspapers of JDHS were not online. They were actual newspapers that students held in their hands. The Vault is our ongoing effort to digitize the print history of student reporting at JDHS before the original papers disintegrate in the dank, dark file cabinets of G18.