Open Your Eyes, Not An App

“Just looking at the new setting can be embarrassing for people”

On September 12, 2018 Apple launched their new update IOS 12 that most iPhone users have. IOS 12 came out with many new features like group Facetime, as well as Screen Time. Screen Time is a new setting that any iPhone user with IOS 12 can use. It tells people how much time they spend on their phone and allows users to put time limits on apps they don’t want to spend much time on.

Most people that use their phones a lot don’t even realize how much time they spend on it, despite their knowledge of the negative effects. Just looking at the new setting can be embarrassing for people. This new setting could make a huge impact on people’s lives if they check the setting. Freshman Anthony Cawley said knowing how much screen time he uses in a day is depressing.

Many J-DHS students have the goal of reducing the amount of time spent on their phone. Since the new Screen Time setting offers time limits, it can help users reduce the amount of time spent. Freshman Kerry Dunn said, “I started putting time limits on some of my fun games.” The time limits help Dunn reach her goal of only using her phone for one hour a day. Junior Wynnie Gross was surprised with the amount of time she uses on her phone. She said, “That’s like two classes worth of time spent on my phone, that’s kind of scary.” Now she has a time limit on her phone so she can only use social media for one hour a day, and she turned her notifications off for Snapchat.

Thanks to the Screen Time setting, people’s lives could start to change. The most common time students use their phone is before bed and during homework. Now students can prevent that by setting time limits.

In the modern day, students have been so dependent on their phones that they think it would be impossible to live without them. “I’d like to believe I could live without my phone, but I don’t think could,” said freshman Jordan Ristau. Many people could agree with what Ristau said. With Screen Time included in the new update, we could all get to the point where we could live without our phones.

Lizzy Smith is a junior and this is her second year writing for the RamPage. She really enjoys writing for the lifestyle and culture section. Other than writing, she loves to swim and is on the swim team here at JD.