Ancient Cult Revives YamPage From the Dead

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s YamPage and we’re flying higher than ever before. This year the best satirical newspaper at J-D is going to do the...


New Mascot Incites Conspiracies

Conspiracy theories have been echoing throughout the halls of J-D, whispered by the fearful, the skeptical, and those who are bored of their English class.

Boys Lacrosse Players Excited to Pursue Future Careers in Cosmetology

Two seniors have already given up their spots on Division 1 lacrosse teams in order to attend cosmetology school, stating, "No regrets, bro."


New CollegeBoard Announcement: AP Lunch Credits No Longer Accepted

This is not what I paid a $180 for!

Where The Yampage Seniors Are Headed Next

YamPage is proud of each and every one of its writers and will miss them all dearly (except maybe Jimothy) in the upcoming years.

What Your AP Exams Say About You

Sucks to be you.

Artificial Intelligence And Its Role In The Demise Of Society

These robots are taking away hard earned bragging rights, which is completely unacceptable.

Mr. Gasparini Club Gains Following and Ancient Tome

Mr. Gasparini Club features many fun activities such as shaving their heads or wearing suits to school.


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