Episode One: What Happened to Mr. Gasparini?

Episode one of Betrayed: The End of the Gasparini Years


How to Use the QR Code Hall Passes in 30 Easy Steps!

Calculate adult diaper prices.

King Charles III Hiding Somewhere at J-DHS

There’s got to be some psychological bald cap happening.

Female Students No Longer Allowed to Choose Own Electives

You can’t ban female students from taking the electives they want, you can only ban them from doing it safely.


An Open Letter from the Editor

“New Principal Drives Small Car, Let’s All Laugh About that.” That’s good satire if I’ve ever seen it.

Farewell, Digby Thanoscar

Ever since I was a child, I had heard rumors about a place so great that every man or woman must visit before they die, a place where roads were paved in gold.

Citizens Now Allowed to Carry Sugar Packets Anywhere They Go

Many are outraged by the issues being caused by those that cannot properly handle the sugar packets. Others are upset the sugar packets are getting a bad name from those who don’t know how to use them.

Diapers, Wombats, and String: Supply Chain Issues Hit J-DHS

I had to schedule so many therapy appointments.


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