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Macy Militi, '22

Macy Militi, '22
I like to write but not as much as I like finishing a race in track. It takes me a long time to finish my articles but when I do it's epic. You should take a look at all of my articles right now!

Beauty Pageants Are Destroying “Inner Beauty”

Beauty isn't defined by a measurement or number; it comes in all shapes and sizes. It's not healthy to have young girls growing up thinking that they are only beautiful if they...

J-DHS Drivers Offer Advice To Their Unlicensed Peers

Most Jamesville-DeWitt High School students wake up early to catch the bus. However, other students don’t have to be up until 7:00 to hop in their car. How are they able to...

Behind The Rosters

“I am going into a new season and I am feeling confident but also nervous that I won’t have what it takes this season,” said freshman Cleo Shiomos. It takes hard work...

Varsity Girls Basketball Learns Valuable Lessons Versus Central Square

The Jamesville-Dewitt Varsity Girls Basketball came out strong with an easy win against Central Square on Tuesday Jan 15. The girls have had a very successful season so far being undefeated in...

The Boys Varsity Swim Team Dives Into A New Season

The Jamesville-Dewitt High School Varsity Boys Swimming team has almost made it through pre-season with their first meet coming up November 27 against Henninger High School. The team is made up of...

New Ninth Graders Fit Right In

Jamesville-DeWitt High School has done a great job of welcoming new freshman students. This year students have entered the halls of the high school from not only the middle school but from being homeschooled...