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Girls Basketball Takes Down Fulton 58-16

DeWitt N.Y. The Jamesville-DeWitt girls basketball team earned their third straight win on Friday night, beating the Fulton Red Raiders 58-16. The Red Rams jumped...

Gun Violence on School Grounds Remains Constant Throughout 2019

For more information regarding gun related incidents in American schools during 2019 please refer to our month-by-month breakdown. The calendar below contains a variety...

Month by Month Breakdown Illuminates Gun Violence Throughout American Schools in 2019

January January included two gun-related deaths, as well as multiple injuries on school grounds. Red= Death Green= Injury Blue= No one shot February February included two gun-related deaths, as...

New Auditorium Looks Suspiciously Old

One parent of a freshman attending the concert said, “I’ve only been to Dessert Concerts in the JDMS cafeteria, so I was understandably nervous for swanky high school choral concerts, but when I tripped on the carpet walking to my seat, only to find a piece of chewed gum and ‘we are not JD’ carved into the arm rest, I felt as though I had found my home.”

Holiday Broadcast

Weather: Long Range ForecastFinish The Lyrics: Let it SnowWhat are your plans for break?Meals with Momo (and Paige): Tous Le JourAthletic UpdateUmoja Candy Gram...

Flipped Classroom-Induced Nausea Apparent In Math Students

When asked about his inspiration for the flipped classroom, Clinton replied: “You’re either a yoga monkey or a paint salad. If you’re a paint salad, you do things the old way and you don’t bother to try anything new, to step out of your comfort zone. I like to think I’m a yoga monkey, except it’s like that monkey got access to a lot of glue and velcro.”

Flashing Blue Light in New Auditorium Causes Student Confusion, Disappearances

Is it aliens? Could it be the ghost of Ren McCormack from the 2017 production of Footloose returning to strike his revenge on act II? Or maybe, in a twist of fate, it’s our Italian overlords, seeking justice for their stolen tiles, now laden throughout our building’s bathrooms.

Dec. 18, 2019


J-D Silences Cortland in “Quiet Evening” Matchup

DeWitt N.Y. The fans may have been silent, but the Jamesville-DeWitt boys basketball team certainly made some noise in their 69-36 win over Cortland...