ESSPA Awards

By Meghan Byrnes


The Empire State School Press Association (ESSPA) gives out awards every fall to high school publications. The articles, stories, and other works of literary art are submitted to ESSPA over the summer, and the winners are announced the following fall. This year, once again, Jamesville-DeWitt High School’s school newspaper (RamPage) and literary magazine (Rambunctious) received many awards. Below is a list of the honors we won.

RamPage Awards:

Rambunctious Awards:

  • Gold/All New York, Best All-Round Publication–Literary Magazines, Spring 2014 issue

  • Gold, Most Improved Publication, Staff

  • Silver, Best All-Round Publication–Literary Magazines, Fall 2013 issue

  • Bronze, Cover Design, Fall 2013 issue

  • Gold, Artwork/Illustration, Erin Reeves

  • Silver, Artwork/Illustration, Katelyn Killoran

  • Bronze, Artwork/Illustration, Julia Norton

  • Bronze, Artwork/Illustration, Emily Maar

  • Honorable Mention, Artwork/Illustration, Katelyn Killoran

  • Honorable Mention, Artwork/Illustration, Dalya Al Hoshishi

  • Honorable Mention, Artwork/Illustration, Ella DiGiovanni

  • Bronze, Poetry (Division B), Jack Radford

  • Honorable Mention, Poetry (Division B), Elizabeth Burnam

  • Honorable Mention, Poetry (Division B), Victoria Roney

  • Honorable Mention, Poetry (Division B), Jack Radford

  • Honorable Mention, Poetry (Division B), Stephanie Dushay

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