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A YamPage Farewell

Sure, perhaps I’ve exaggerated, embellished, call it what you will. But you laughed. And you laughed because the truth was only bent, not broken. The GPS led you through a bee-infested jungle off the side of the highway, but you got to the same destination at the end.

Shocked And Devastated Seniors Learn That An Advanced Regents Diploma Literally Means Nothing

Due to the overwhelming silence from the senior class, I decided to talk to members of the administration about this discovery. But all that Superintendent Peter Smith had to say on the matter was “What are you doing on my doorstep and how did you find my address?”

Seniors Reflect on What They’ll Miss Most About JD

In her interview, Wynnie Gross revealed that she had been sticking a piece of gum under one desk in Mrs. Oppedisano’s room every single school day for 2 years. She was disappointed that she wouldn’t get to finish her masterpiece, but, always one to look on the bright side, told us that “there wasn’t that much room left anyway.”

Paris from Home: A Quarantined YamPage Travel Guide

Find the most uncomfortable chair in your house, get your family members to cram in next to you, find a track of just babies crying for an eternity, and hunker down for your realistic flight.

Cast and Crew of “No Exodus” To Hold Live Talkback on June 18

On this Thursday at 8:00 P.M., the cast and crew of No Exodus will be holding a live Q and A on their YouTube...

J-DHS Band and Orchestra Ensembles Perform Virtual Concerts — Listen here

"Duo No. 3 in Bb Major" by Beethoven "Serenade Number 4" by Mozart "Serenade Number 1" by Mozart "Quintet in D Major, Op. 6, No. 11, Movement...

J-DHS Combined Choirs Tribute to the Class of 2020: “From Now On”

Conducted by Elizabeth Quackenbush. Edited by Dylan Spencer.

Bored Teens Finding New Ways to Pass Time

“I built a time machine!” senior Abby Morgan told reporters, “I used old car parts and a jump rope! I’m going to go back to 2015 and it’s gonna be great! It’s gonna be great,” she repeated, assuring herself that, yes, this was a good use of her time.

“Fallout 2021: J-DHS” to be released July 8th

“I want you and all your comp sci classes to start working on this game. I don’t care what it’s about as long as there is some sort of education involved. The PTG will love us! They’ve really been hurting because they haven’t been able to sell concessions at concerts.”