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For Fun in the New Year, Try the Board Game Club

While many of us have been quite stressed out by the whole hybrid learning plan, clubs and extracurricular activities make it a little more...

Minimalism: How To Live With Less

There is no doubt that in the past few years our environment has taken a turn for the worse. Our forests are in flames,...

JD to Implement New BIMAS Testing Program

The Jamesville-DeWitt school district has decided to implement a new screening system in all schools within the district lines. The Behavioral Intervention Monitoring Assessment...

Two Senate Races in Georgia Will Decide Which Party Controls the Upper House

With the 2020 Senate elections happening, the spotlight is closing in on Georgia. There are two Senate races happening in Georgia, one of which...

Yampage’s Official Holiday Gift Guide: 2020 Edition

We all know how difficult it is to come up with 2020-relevant Christmas gifts, so we here at Yampage have curated a list especially for this year, based on the challenges and triumphs covered by our staff so that you can have the best 2021 possible.

J-DHS Undergoes Copyright Lawsuit After Playing Music in the Mornings

They then exited the interview site yelling things to the sky like, “You can’t make me go back,” and “I don’t need a GED, I bet ya caviar harvesters don’t have GEDs.” No one has heard or seen them since, but we wish them the best with their caviar excursions.

First COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Yields Impressive Results

With the arrival of the long-awaited first COVID-19 vaccine, many are eager to get the promising shot.  The first vaccine, made by pharmaceutical giant...

JDHS Key Club Gives Back This Holiday Season

Every year, members of JD’s Key Club bell-ring at Destiny USA to raise money for Salvation Army. Through this tradition, we always find joy...

Winter Sports Season Update

COVID-19 cases have been continuing to rise throughout the country over the past few months. This has dulled any remaining hope for a “normal”...

Running Away From The Possibility Of No Indoor Track

As the winter sports season approaches, many questions have been raised about the adjustments being made to certain programs in order to combat the...