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Message from Principal Gasparini

By: Paige Stepanian and Momo Laclair

Hispanic Artists’ Photo Challenge

J-DHS Spanish Classes -- Spring 2020 As a way of providing both an educational experience and creative outlet, Señora...

Spring State Championships Cancelled

NYSPHSAA announced on Monday that there will no longer be any state championship for spring sports. There is still a possibility that...

JDHS Student Photos (April 17-24)

https://taris.smugmug.com/Other/JDHS-Student-Photos-April-17-24/n-7Gjhwr/i-Q44mSwR/A Abigail Stephens https://taris.smugmug.com/Other/JDHS-Student-Photos-April-17-24/n-7Gjhwr/i-btZctd3/A Brendan Cooke

Rebuttal to Agatha Smoot’s article “Lizards, Lizards, and More Lizards”

It has come to my attention that you have scribed a recent feature about Mr. Keith Comfort titled “Lizards, Lizards, and More Lizards” in the April 8th, 2020 edition of the fabled YamPage.

At-Home Fire Drills

“I want to make sure that even when students are at home they are ready and prepared to evacuate at any given moment,” stated Gasparini.

J-DHS Guys Flaunt Their Fashion Style

Contributing Writer Oscar Blair, '23

Missing School? Take a Walk Through Some Classrooms

Contributing Writer Olivia Pontello, '23

Teachers’ New Posting Habits Cause Alarming After-Effects

“I was just trying to bake some chocolate chip cookies when my oven preheated and beeped and I lost control,” freshman, Hannah Fuchsberg, told us in a frenzy. “I began paraphrasing the recipe and only later did I find out that, due to my rephrasing, I had left out the sugar!”