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Why are 86% of girls at J-DHS uncomfortable?

By Meghan Byrnes and Morgan BrangEditors-in-ChiefThe controversial topic of sexual harassment has become much more relevant in recent years. Sexual harassment on college campuses...

The Hockey Team Hopes for Another Championship

By Riley BurnsStaff Writer On Friday, Feb. 6, the Christian Brothers Academy and Jamesville-DeWitt Varsity...

How Would You Spend $2.6 Million?


Ground is set to break on June 1 for a turf field at Jamesville-Dewitt High School. J-D students give their opinions on if it was up to them, how they would spend the estimated $1.6 million cost of the project.

Super Bowl Reactions

By Terrence EcholsStaff Writer Along with millions of people world-wide, students at Jamesville-DeWitt High School...

J-DHS Dominates at 2015 Scholastic Art Awards

Olivia Byrnes and Emma CarrAssistant Editors of ProductionOne after another after another, Jamesville-Dewitt High School students were called to the stage to...

Fuel Up to Play 60 comes to J-D!

By Alice Woods and Kelsey BraunStaff WritersBefore you head out to play you have to fuel up to make it last all day. Fuel...

Are Midterms Necessary?

By Jamie Boeheim and Mary Austin Staff Writers Are midterms even necessary? Should there only be an end of the year final? Many Jamesville-DeWitt High school...

Dependable DeRegis Shoots and Scores!

By Reed JaworskiSports Editor “I’d never be able to do it without my teammates,” said...

How are new food restrictions affecting J-DHS?

By Jillian Risavi and Marie SabaStaff Writers Modern snacks aimed at children lack nutritional value,...