National Poetry Month Soothes J-DHS

Joe Kiesa and Angela Bussone

Staff Writers

    April 1 was the start of Poetry Month. As school librarian, Mary Panek wanted to do something special to celebrate. In the first Poetry Contest students had to look at an art piece and write a six line poem about it. Because participation rate in the first contest was so good, with 294 poems being submitted, she wanted to do another one. However, she wanted to do “something different than just have kids write poetry” like students did in the first Poetry Contest. She decided to have a Poetry Contest part 2. This contest started Monday, April 6, and was originally supposed to go until Friday, April 11, but Ms. Panek extended the deadline to April 17 because she wanted to get more entries.

    The objective of the contest is to match pictures to certain pieces of poetry. “Each piece of writing was written by students at Jamesville- DeWitt High School and was inspired by one of the nine Scholastic- winning art pieces drawn by students at J-DHS,” says Ms. Panek. All the pieces are on display outside of the library.To participate you need to  write down your answers on the green slips of paper that are on a table right in front of the artwork and poems and hand it in to Ms. Panek. Whoever gets the most matches correct will have their names put in a hat and three names will be pulled. These three people will each get their own Barnes and Noble gift card. Only students who attend J-DHS can participate in the contest.

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