October 2004 RamPage

Included In This Issue:

  • Administrators Hike Up Dress-Code Enforcement
  • With Most New Classrooms, Hallway Finished, Renovation on Final Lap
  • Embrace All the New and Have a Great Year!
  • Dukies Delighted with iPods
  • Save High School Dances From Poor Attendance, Lack of Enthusiasm
  • Non-voting Students Beware: The Election Affects Us
  • President Bush, Sen. Kerry Expose Differences as Campaigns Conclude, Election Approaches
  • New Faculty Fills J-D
  • Students, Staff Share First Impressions
  • All Teachers Now Logged On To mygradebook.com
  • Foreign Language Honor Societies Induct 31 Seniors in First Class
  • Think the Last Year of High School is All Fun and Games? Think Again. Seniors, Mark Your Schedules With These Important College Deadlines.
  • Job a Stretch for New Athletic Trainer
  • Marcel Perl Shines as Star of Successful Soccer Team
  • Mooney Rocks
  • Musicians’ Club Hopes to Strum up Student Activities With More Battles of the Bands
  • Revenge-Themed Video Game a Truly Fab “Fable”
  • The Chow Hound: Cafes dd Spice to Little Italy Revival
  • More Alumni Involvement Needed to Change Homecoming From Misnomer Back to Tradition
  • Students Red-Card Crackdown On Dress Code
The Vault
From the 1950's until May 2009, the student newspapers of JDHS were not online. They were actual newspapers that students held in their hands. The Vault is our ongoing effort to digitize the print history of student reporting at JDHS before the original papers disintegrate in the dank, dark file cabinets of G18.