YamPod: Episode 3 (feat. Banksy)


Ignacius Robespierre-Robespierre
Ignacius Robespierre-Robespierre, known affectionately to friends as Harold Carlisle, is one of the greatest writers of the 19th century. He was born at some point in time. After graduating from College University, he moved to London and began working on his masterpiece, “Sense and Sensibility.” He had nearly finished writing it when that crook Jane Austen stole the manuscript from his unconscious body during a bloody gang war. After the novel became a hit, he devoted his life to hunting down Jane Austen and ending this blood feud once and for all. From the dusty paths of the American frontier to the cloudy trenches of the First World War, Ignacius engaged in several tense mind games with the famed “author,” but, sadly, he lost all of them. After a brief stint as lovers that only ended in betrayal, Ignacius decided to go into hiding to evade Austen’s hired hitmen. He resurfaced in 2012, and joined the YamPage staff. He is hellbent on destroying Jane Austen. He does not know, however, that she died in 1817. He once believed Lucas Chiorini (‘25) to be Austen in disguise.