The Super Bowl Comes to the Big Apple

By Joe Morgan and Angela Bussone

Staff Writers

Out of 100 students at Jamesville- DeWitt High School, 53 students would rather have the Seahawks win the Super Bowl than the Broncos. It was a close poll with the Broncos only losing by six. Freshman Nick Palin says he thinks both teams are equal in talent so either team could win. On Sunday Feb. 2, it’s not about who wants who to win, it’s about who has more talent than the other team.

The Super Bowl is the biggest NFL football game of the year where the best two teams in the NFL gather to play for a title. This year those teams are the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. This is the game that everyone looks forward to. Big parties, good food, and a great game. Sophomore Jack Brotzki is looking forward to some “good quarterback play.” Sophomore Charlie DiGristina can’t wait to eat some good food while he hangs out with friends and family at his house.

“There will be a grand party at my house with lots of good food,” says Palin. Palin enjoys the anticipation of the game. Other people like junior Ben Vahey won’t be doing anything grand for the big game. “We’re not doing anything special, maybe get a special treat from Wegmans,” says Vahey. Like Vahey, freshman Sadye Bobbette is going to “sit at home on the couch and eat pizza and wings.” Bobbette enjoys the intensity of the game. Sophomore Luke Rowe is hoping to win some prize money from his play board. Other people like freshman Caroline Darcy are hoping the B

People gather with friends and family to watch some football. The Super Bowl is almost an unofficial holiday, according to the International Business Times. “On the day after the Super Bowl last year, 1.5 million Americans did not show up to work and another 4.4 million were late to their jobs.” This shows the obvious popularity of the game. Several kids at JD said they are watching the game and some even plan to attend a Super Bowl party.

People look forward to many things about the Super Bowl. Both freshman Emily Pomeroy and freshman Alex Frank says are looking forward to the commercials, “those always seem to be entertaining.” Others look forward to good food like freshman Aryana Nazem. Freshman Mingus Betsy is looking forward to watch Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks) run for some touchdowns.

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