Winter Fun in Central New York

Photo shows winter in Syracuse in 2014. Photo credit: Pherit on Flickr; Creative Commons License

By Contributing Writers Gia Cimino (’27) and Juliana Walker (’27)

Winter break is a very exciting time of year for many people. Not only do students get time away from school, but they also get to spend time with family and friends. The students and staff at Jamesville-DeWitt High School are no exception! Break gives people a chance to relax and have fun while also enjoying the perks of the holiday season. Some people choose to travel, whether it’s to visit family, go shopping or just to get out of town for a little while. Others choose to stay home and take advantage of some of the local activities offered in Syracuse. No matter what people choose to do, everyone seems to find their own way to have some winter time fun!

For the majority of people, their favorite part of the break is spending time with family. Others enjoy snow related activities such as skiing, sledding, and snowboarding. Many like to drive around town to see all of the bright holiday decorations. There are multiple activities happening in Central New York during winter break. “Ice skating in Clinton Square and the tree lighting in Fayetteville” are a couple of sophomore Capri Montanaro’s favorites. Senior Brooke Bort mentioned “Lights on the Lake” as a favorite for her. Other people, like junior Alexis Scaramuzzino, enjoy traveling to New York City to see all of the holiday decorations.

Another favorite part of winter break is family traditions. Brooke mentioned lighting her grandma’s Christmas tree, while Mr. Hartley, a counselor at J-DHS, said that he likes to “play charades…and eat copiously.“ Dean Bratslavsky, a freshman at J-D, said he enjoys when he and his family “eat lots of traditional Jewish dishes.” Other things that were popularly cited with family were opening gifts, decorating Christmas trees, and lighting the menorah.

During winter break, many holidays are celebrated, including Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas. Each one signifies a special time for families that have a variety of religious backgrounds. Many families eat traditional dishes and listen to holiday music. Winter break is a time for everyone to unwind and relax and enjoy time off from school or work. Whether it’s going on vacation or staying close to home, it’s an opportunity to reconnect with the people you love. It gives people a chance to experience new activities during the cold, snowy winters of Central New York.

For a lot of people school gets very stressful around this time and sometimes you just need a pause from school. Break is a time where you can take time off of school and gather your thoughts.

Of all of the activities happening in Central New York, there are a few that tend to be very popular. The tubing hill at Four Seasons Golf and Ski Center is a top choice. Kids of all ages can be seen careening down the snow covered slope. Another popular choice among families are the horse-drawn sleigh rides at Highland Forest County Park. It is the perfect place to go on a brisk and snowy day. Grab your hat and mittens and your cup of hot chocolate, then sit back and enjoy the ride! 

Vacations and breaks are a fine time to bond with family and friends, create new traditions and celebrate old ones, all while making happy memories to look back on in the future.

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