What’s Next for the School After Blue Hall Construction?

With the school year fully under way and the construction of the Blue Hall almost finished, it’s time to wonder: what’s next for the school?

Omitting the few art students whose classrooms are still in progress, the majority of the student body has all but forgotten this major era of J-D history. The construction that was once the most important topic is now old news, shoved away like a bad test grade.

The middle school’s renovation, on the other hand, has no sign of stopping soon. Each wing of the building is steadily being destroyed and replaced with rooms out of a Disney sitcom set in 2050. The intergalactic visitors who funded the project have stated that they are excited with the progress. This leads some to think that the same treatment would be given to the high school.

“Yeah no,” one alien construction worker said in an interview, “We have no interest in the high school. The brains are too developed then and all that.” 

It’s clear that the only construction for the high school will be funded by school money. This has led to representatives from both green and red halls having a “discussion” on which hall deserves to go next.

The Red Hall argues that the more important classrooms are situated in their hallway and therefore it’s more deserving of a revamp. Plus, red is a J-D color so it should have priority. Also because one volunteer said they are a hallway whisperer and it’s what the hallways want. Although some may argue that the position of the hall would provide logistical challenges, Red Hall representatives counter with the fact that the falling plaster and overall noise would add ambiance to Blue Hall classes. 

Green Hall has stated that since it has been the least appreciated hallway for most of J-D’s lifetime, it deserves the new renovations the most. Green hall is also more environmentally friendly, and it’s longer therefore better. One point against its renovation is that the hall is already so impressive it doesn’t need to be redone, but frankly, that’s ridiculous. There wasn’t a single building in history that couldn’t be improved with some neon accents and concrete floors.

The school board will be voting on it this weekend. I encourage you to show up and shape J-D history.

Billy Bob Joe
Billy Bob Joe is an accomplished snowman with a fortune to his name in royalties. He was born in Syracuse and has never traveled anywhere else. Some of his favorite activities are neglecting his teeth, writing bad articles, and bullying Larry from editing. Important matters can be discussed with him in his business hours which are as follows: the minutes from 11:59 to 12:00 on the 31st of September in the years 2027, 2054, and 3069. In any other case, you can contact Larry in editing or Aiden Bright (‘25).