What People Don’t Realize About Dieting

“There is a difference in Wanting a healthier lifestyle and wanting to be skinny”

A healthy diet is very important. Not only can it improve your health, but it can help your brain work better. Many people are starting to eat healthier to help with weight loss, body image, and to have a healthier lifestyle. To eat healthier, most people go on a diet or make the switch to being a vegan or vegetarian. By switching eating habits, one can improve their health a lot but it could also make you less healthy.

There is a difference in wanting a healthier lifestyle and wanting to be skinny. Wanting a healthy lifestyle is a good decision. It helps increase the chances of a longer life and helps prevent you from illness and some types of cancers. In a healthy lifestyle people exercise, eat three meals a day, and eat healthy but also make sure they get enough protein and nutrition. Wanting a healthier lifestyle where you get enough nutrients is a great goal for everyone because it is very good for you and has good outcomes.

Many people want to change their eating habits because of how they look. People feel they are overweight or not skinny enough to be attractive, so they decide to go on a diet. What they don’t realize is how dieting can be very unhealthy. If people want to lose weight they should eliminate one thing from their diet that is unnecessary, for example dessert. They shouldn’t eliminate important food groups like carbs, which is a common diet people go on. The “no carbohydrates diet” is awful for you body. It doesn’t even help you lose weight, along with many other diets. The “no carbs diet” also has very bad side effects, yet people continue to try it because they think being skinny means being healthy.

“Everyone is made differently and people should never feel ashamed for how they look or hurt their health because of it.”

Not only are diets bad for your health, but they are bad for a person’s self confidence. Someone’s self confidence could be destroyed when they go on a diet. When you are on a diet, people tend to lose weight but right when people get off of it, they can gain the weight back. Then, people are back to feeling bad about themselves, so they go on another diet and start depriving their self from nutrients all over again.

People shouldn’t go on diets to lose weight, they should choose a healthier lifestyle. It might take longer for them to lose weight, but it will have much better results and your body will benefit from it. Diets need to be eliminated for people to start loving their healthy bodies. Everyone is made differently and people should never feel ashamed for how they look or hurt their health because of it. 

Lizzy Smith, '22
Lizzy Smith is a junior and this is her second year writing for the RamPage. She really enjoys writing for the lifestyle and culture section. Other than writing, she loves to swim and is on the swim team here at JD.