Weather over Education!

Students of all grades- except freshmen- staged a walkout this Wednesday during 5th period. After conferring with some freshmen, I concluded that they didn’t join because they never experienced Your Weather with Parker and Ryan. We at Yampage (I am legally obligated to say that it was me and only me) encouraged them to look back at some old videos; after reading every article on Yampage first, of course.

These protests were not taken kindly by Mr. Phillips and the rest of the RamFeed crew. They somehow got inside information that this was happening, and staged a counter-rally. This included around eighty students who were required to participate for a grade supposedly equal to a test. Mr. Phillips will not confirm nor deny this. 

For the time being, we just have to wait and see how this will play out. Both sides are adamant with their beliefs, and it’s looking like a stalemate.

Face blurred for privacy. “We Want Parker and Ryan.”
A very friendly protester.

Digby Thanoscar is a part-time meme lord and part-time botanist. He takes credit for inspiring Pewdiepie and Elon Musk, along with Simon Cowell. He currently lives in the southwest corner of New Yamsterdam and writes to Yampage on pieces of stone that he attaches to pineapples and floats to us across the marshmallow sea. How he gets them to reach us every time, or how he knows what happens in JD is beyond us, and we feel it's better not to ask him. If you yell for David Scibilia (’22), though, he might answer.