Vexillology Club Waves its Flags High and Proud

The new school flag, designed by senior Sydney Cline and voted on by other students at the school.

During the 2018-2019 school year, the Vexillology Club made groundbreaking steps of accomplishment in its devotion to spreading awareness about the power of flags. With this, news of the club rapidly spread and many new members joined. Although the club made many notable accomplishments during its time, two stood out greatly. 

First was the School Flag Design Contest. This contest was especially great because everyone in the school had some form of active or indirect participation. People had an active participation in drawing a Flag to represent what they thought should represent their school. Student voters then decided on their school flag, which is what differentiates this contest from other contests that have been held at the school.

A candidate for the school flag, designed by Tenaya Hunter.
A candidate for the school flag, designed by Noah Koch.
A candidate for the school flag, designed by Aiden Scott.

Second, the flags of the week. As political chaos happens sometimes around the world, it appears that some become culturally disconnected with the rest of the world. Through the flags of the week, different flags are posted with information about a country’s history. A flag’s history can also represent a country’s culture. So, as is the case with the Irish flag, there is hope of bringing peace and sealing the gaps between a group or country.

Anyone with questions or a desire to join, check in with any of the Vexillology Club officers!

Grace is a junior at Jamesville-DeWitt High School. She has been involved in the RamPage and RamFeed programs since her freshman year. She enjoys reporting on topics that she is passionate about and hopes to continue writing for the RamPage throughout her high school experience.