Tollar works on his game over the summer. Photo by Elizabeth Tollar, used with permission.

It isn’t very often that a middle school student gets a chance to participate in high school athletics. An eighth grader participating at the junior varsity level is not uncommon, but it is still a sign that the athlete is very good for their age. However, when an athlete is good enough to play at the varsity level in seventh grade, then it is clear that he or she has a unique level of talent. Brian Tollar is one of those athletes with a truly unique level of talent.

Tollar tests out his driver on the course. Photo by Elizabeth Tollar, used with permission.

Tollar, a seventh grader at Jamesville-DeWitt Middle School, is playing on the varsity boys’ golf team this fall. This has been his goal all along. Tollar has been playing golf for around seven years, and has been stepping up his training in the past few years. He practiced almost every day over the summer, with each swing showing his absolute focus on being a contributing player on the squad.

Tollar’s practice included trips to the driving range, working on his short game on a small green next to his house, and playing for a PGA Junior League All-Star Team. He even helped lead the team to the regional tournament in New Jersey.

As soon as tryouts began in August, team captain Julian Galletta knew that the team had a special talent on their hands. “Brian Tollar is a phenomenal golfer,” he said, “and a great kid.” His previous experience playing in the PGA Junior Tour paid off. “The Junior Tour really helped me. I didn’t have any nerves walking up to the first tee,” said Tollar. The years of preparation and practice kicked in, and Brian played extremely well at tryouts. After three days, it was made official; Tollar would be joining the ranks of J-DHS varsity golfers this year.

Brian Tollar practices his stroke. Photo by Elizabeth Tollar, used with permission.

The team immediately made their new teammate feel at home. Tollar had nothing but positive things to say about them. “The team is really nice. We’re kind of like a big community.” It seems as though the team chemistry has paid off. So far, the Red Rams have had an exceptional season. They have lost just one match, and will look to compete for a sectional championship. Tollar has enjoyed personal success too, playing especially well in a scrimmage against CBA. He will look forward to contributing more and more as the season goes on.

With five years left on the golf team after this season ends, he has plenty of time to grow as a golfer. With how his career has gone so far, it would not surprise anyone if Tollar has a very bright future ahead of him.

The 2019 Jamesville-DeWitt Boys’ Varsity Golf team poses for a photo. Tollar is bottom row, third from right. Picture provided by JDHS (official team photo for school).
Tyler Aitken, '21
Tyler Aitken is a senior at Jamesville-DeWitt High School. This is his second year on the RamPage staff where he is the editor of the sports section. When not writing about sports, he is often playing or watching them. He is a member of the Red Rams cross-country and track teams. Aitken is also an avid fan of Syracuse athletics and the Buffalo Bills.