Varsity Girls Basketball Learns Valuable Lessons Versus Central Square

The Jamesville-Dewitt Varsity Girls Basketball came out strong with an easy win against Central Square on Tuesday Jan 15. The girls have had a very successful season so far being undefeated in their league. The girls showed their many hours of hard work in this game 3 /50 with J-D girls in the lead.

Although J-D had a rough start to the first quarter they were still able to dominate Central Square with a heavy lead to start off the game. In the first half starters Momo LaClair, Gabby Stickle, Andrea Sumida, Paige Keeler, and Sydney Baker worked together to push through their challenges of not getting the ball into the basket.  Junior Sydney Baker said, “Yesterday’s game was not that good, we only won by nineteen which is not the best for us. We definitely played down to their level and didn’t play to our potential.” This game was not the best game for the girls this season.

Even though they won their game, they were overall dissatisfied with the way they played.  Junior Gabby Stickle said, “We just made a lot of careless mistakes and were not focused on playing how we know how to play.” The team was not playing their best and the girls were not happy and were very disappointed in the game. The players know that they did not play to the best of their ability and that they could have played better like they had prepared to do in practice.

The girls had put a lot of sweat into practice but all that work clearly was not shown in this game.

“We really worked on our motion set, but we did not perform the way we should have in that game.” Central square did not contribute to the struggle of the game. Central square had no effect on the way the Rams played.

With a similar start to the second half, the girls tried to turn their performance around but were unsuccessful in their efforts. They never got into a rhythm like they usually do. Unfortunately, the girls were not able to execute the way they had planned prior to the first half and were unable to fix the way they performed. They fortunately were still able to pull off the win.

Their response to the way they played made all of the difference. They came back Jan. 17 with a blowout win against Fulton. The girls used this game as a learning experience and this game has helped them move forward for the rest of the season.

Macy Militi, '22
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