Image by Max Fagelman, ‘22

Back problems are often related with old people, turns out it starts off young. Only 25.4 percent of 181 interviewed J-DHS students claim to use their lockers. Everyday people complain about their heavy backpacks and their achy backs. However, we are all supplied with lockers, given time before and after school to use them yet as shown in the survey only a fraction of us do.

Image by Max Fagelman, ‘22

One reason given over and over again by interviewees is that there is simply not enough time in between classes and that lockers are not situated in locations that are in a decent time distance away from people’s classes. Junior Dylan Sweeney said “I don’t have enough time in between classes and it is really out of the way.” Sophomore Evelyn Tao stated that, “Lockers are too far away from everyone’s classes, that’s what all my friends say.” Unfortunately the school has to place lockers in the blue hall and other inconvenient spots to make sure all students have them, even if they aren’t all used.

As J-DHS students venture through high school the number of students who use their lockers in freshman year to the the number of students who use their lockers senior year drastically decreases. 27 out of 51 interviewed freshman use their lockers compared to three out of 41 seniors using theirs. Senior Sophia Liaw, who does use her locker said “I found the balance between what to keep in there and what not to,” when talking about balancing what to keep in her backpack and what to keep in her locker.

Image by Max Fagelman, ‘22

But even if you have the time to get to you locker before and after school wouldn’t it be better if there was time in between classes? At J-DMS, between most class periods there was sufficient time to visit your locker and retrieve the items you needed. While that building was considerably smaller wouldn’t it make sense for students at J-DHS to go to their lockers and lighten their load as we have farther to walk and more weight on our backs? Freshman Lucy Ferrick stated“I’ve got binders and textbooks every day. At least one textbook per day. It’s terrible.”

Back pain and chest pain appear to be ailing many J-DHS students. Tao said her doctor told her she had mild scoliosis from carrying around her backpack. When asked if the school should start addressing this problem she said “They should take into account that it is kind of affecting health.” For now, if you have the time, the best thing you could do if back pain and a far to heavy backpack are plaguing your life, use your locker, in the morning or the afternoon. “ It really doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day and it helps you a lot.” said Ferrick. So it really comes down to one decision. Use your locker or don’t, the choice is up to you.

Max Fagelman, '22
Max Fagelman is the News Editor for Rampage. When he's not working on the paper you can find him doing photography or running on the track.