Upcoming Concerts

April 9, 2018

Momo LaClair and Paige Stepanian

Staff writers and Photographers

With spring in full swing, summer is right around the corner. This brings warm weather and opportunities for outdoor activities like concerts. Students and staff at Jamesville-DeWitt High School are already buying tickets for upcoming performances by their favorite artists.

To kick off the wave of concerts, hip hop artist and rapper Post Malone will be performing on May 26 at the Darien Lake Amphitheater. His music is really popular with teens across the country and at J-DHS. “He makes some really good songs, nice lyrics, and good beats,” said sophomore Gavin McCaul. One thing that makes Post Malone so interesting is the fact that he writes about a variety of topics in his songs. “I really like his music because it gives you a good mix of emotions,” said freshman Amber Hamernik. Out of all the shows coming to Upstate New York, the majority of students interviewed are most excited for this one.

Others at J-DHS are more excited for the country concerts coming to Syracuse. Zac Brown Band will be returning to the Lakeview Amphitheater once again this summer. They performed in Syracuse last summer and were enjoyed by many. “I went to ZBB last year and I really want to go again because it was really fun,” said freshman Audrey Norden. Sophomores Paige Keeler and Gabby Stickle are looking forward to seeing ZBB for the first time. “Their music puts me in a good mood and their songs are so catchy,” said Keeler. Some favorites among the students at J-DHS are “Chicken Fried,” “Loving You Easy” and “Homegrown.”

Luke Bryan will also be returning to the Lakeview Amphitheater on Aug.17, and not just the students are excited for this one. Social Studies teacher Meghan Mcgee will be attending this concert with her friends. “It’s going to be a girls night out,” said Ms.Mcgee. Norden is hoping to attend the concert as well. “I’ve been wanting to see him for a while. He has a good variety of songs.” Country fans like Ms.Mcgee are also excited to see Brad Paisley and Kenny Chesney, who are also coming to the Lakeview Amphitheatre this summer.

A big reason that the Lakeview Amphitheatre has had so much success is because of the prices of tickets to concerts. A lot of the concert tickets have been affordable for students and staff, especially lawn seats. Tickets for Brad Paisley range from $26 to $209, and Zac Brown Band tickets are starting at $55 this year. The amount of students anticipating concerts this summer really show how many are taking advantage of these prices.

These artists are only a fraction of the amount coming to the Lakeview Amphitheatre this summer. Imagine Dragons, Pentatonix, Dave Matthews Band, and many more are ready to come perform. Make sure to go out and see them!

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