Top Ten Places to Hide from Your Family

With the nation remaining in lockdown, teens are being forced to find creative ways to avoid their families. Here are our suggestions for the best places to hide from your family.

10Your Bedroom

While providing some privacy, this is the first place your mom will look for you, so if you don’t mind constantly being told to go outside and get some fresh air, this is the place for you.

9A Locked Bathroom

Just tell your family that you ate some weird fish and run to the nearest bathroom. You’ll have about 20 minutes of beautiful alone time before your younger brother wants to play Go Fish with you for the millionth time.

8Behind a Door

Works every time. Except for, you know, every time.

7In a Coat Closet

With no one going anywhere, the coat closet in the entryway of your house hasn’t been opened in weeks, making it the perfect place for a little relaxation. 

6On the Ceiling like Spiderman

But don’t forget your trusty suction cup shoes and gloves! NEVER forget your trusty suction cup shoes and gloves.

5Behind a Shower Curtain

This one occasionally backfires when someone in your family has to use the bathroom and you’re still sitting in an empty bathtub behind your Hello Kitty shower curtains.

4Dressed as a Human Statue in the Middle of the Living Room

They’ll never find you.

3In a Box of Christmas Decorations

It’s been sitting in the garage since New Year’s Eve, which makes it the perfect hideout. If you can get past the slight dampness and cobwebs, that is. The mildew covered snowman and creepy homemade ornaments will be so excited to have company…

2In the Freezer, Between the Frozen Vegetables and the Ground Turkey

“The cold never bothered me anyway.” Oh my god, my sister has made me watch Frozen too many times in the last few weeks. Help.

1In Plain Sight

Start a game of hide and seek, say you’ll be the seeker, make everyone hide, and just plop down on the couch with your phone.

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