Top Ten Best TikTok Trends: A ReadYojo Article

Welcome back to ReadYojo, your favorite place to read bad countdowns. Today, we will be counting down the best TikTok trends.

10. I’m starting off with my least favorite one: having a healthy work-life balance. I have no idea what idiot came up with this one, but it’s been spreading all throughout the internet. I have to say, if Larry from editing sends me one more email about not working 20 hours a day, I will start using Comic Sans.

9. This one is specific to our lovely school. Teens have not been using the QR codes to sign out of classrooms. Trusted sources report that all of the videos of people using them are propaganda and shouldn’t be trusted. That darn student government trying to introduce new policies…

8. Watering plants. This one is boring, so I don’t have much to say on it except that the world has experienced a 10% increase in greenery since it started.

7. Another great one specific to our school. Teens around the world have been lining up to join YamPage. Unfortunately, since they aren’t in the school district, they can’t join. Their articles have been real ribticklers, though.

6. Blowing up the moon. This one was actually so remarkably popular among the trendy youth that the shipment of moons became so backed up that the trend had already died by the time the moons were finally delivered. I guess that explains why we have 57 moons right now.

5. Creating new forms of energy. Although I enjoy trashing the earth as much as the next billionaire, global warming is a threat to all snowmen kind. So far, there are 567 new forms and counting. Who knew watching someone dab to power a nuclear reactor could be so satisfying?

4. Giving away secrets to the Chinese government. I have no idea who started this one, but it seems fun! Here, I’ll go. The truth behind birds is [Signal lost. Please stand by.].

3. You’re going to want to hang on until number one. It’s guaranteed to blow your mind. Number three is not doing TikTok trends. This trend is called “The TikTok Paradox.”

2. Did you think this list would be complete without a classic TikTok dance? Then, you haven’t been watching enough TikTok. Number two is the hottest new dance, the Friday Sway. To the tune of “Friday” by Rebecca Black, teens will clap, moonwalk, and take the head off of any unsuspecting passerby. You should check out my official TikTok account to see me rocking these smooth moves.

  1. Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Coming in hot at number one is…. Giving me money! Yep, you heard that right. This is a totally real trend that everyone should take part in. You can make checks out to Billy Bob Joe or Venmo me. By the way, if it’s anything below $55,000, then don’t even bother.
Billy Bob Joe
Billy Bob Joe is an accomplished snowman with a fortune to his name in royalties. He was born in Syracuse and has never traveled anywhere else. Some of his favorite activities are neglecting his teeth, writing bad articles, and bullying Larry from editing. Important matters can be discussed with him in his business hours which are as follows: the minutes from 11:59 to 12:00 on the 31st of September in the years 2027, 2054, and 3069. In any other case, you can contact Larry in editing or Aiden Bright (‘25).