Tionne’s Journey

Photo by Nana Winwah '22

Tionne Gayle is a 17 year old sophomore from Kingston, Jamaica. It was her father’s decision to come to the United States four years ago as Gayle moved only with her father, leaving the rest of her family in Jamaica. She misses her mom, friends, and native cuisine. Gayle thought her travel to this country was long and tedious. The people in the United States surprised her. She said, “They were very different.”

Gayle’s major obstacles since arriving in the United States have been school-related issues, such as learning and teachers’ understanding of her. Ms. Wisnieski has provided her with strength and joy during those times. Tully’s chicken tenders and various foods have also brought her joy. In the future, Gayle hopes to become a CNA Nurse. She wishes more people knew that she is a caring and funny person. Advice she’d give someone planning to move here would be, “Don’t go to Syracuse.”

Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, is the most widely observed holiday in Jamaica. They visit amusement parks, consume a variety of cuisine, and have parties. Dancing is something that Jamaica is known for around the world. Ackee saltfish and jerk chicken are two of Gayle’s favorite local dishes. Jamaicans speak Creole, commonly known as Potwa, and she says “hi.”

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