Three J-DHS Seniors Campaign for 2020-2021 Board of Education Student Representative

J-DHS students will elect their new Board of Education Student Representative on Friday, October 2nd via secure Google ballot. The new representative will replace 2020 J-DHS graduate Will Guisbond.

The three candidates for the 2020-2021 school year are seniors Tyler Aitken, Max Mimaroglu, and Nate Rindfuss.

“The Student Board of Education member plays an extremely important role in our community as she or he brings all of the student voices to the table as our Board makes decisions about the educational conditions and future of students.  We take our student voices seriously.  Therefore, this election is important and essential,” said Principal Gasparini in an email to the student body.

Campaign videos explaining each candidate’s positions are available now for viewing on RamFeed. Direct links are available below in alphabetical order.

Tyler Aitken

Max Mimaroglu

Nate Rindfuss

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