This Friday: J-DHS Student Government Elections

Photo shows students eating lunch outside J-DHS. Photo Credit: Dakota Wynn ('23)

This Friday, J-DHS students will vote on which student will represent the student body as Student Board of Education (BOE) Representative. Nominees are limited to rising seniors and include: Rami Al-Mudamgha, Meghana Reddy, and Anna Smith. The nominees statements and goals statements can be found on their respective linked instagram pages.

The position is currently filled by J-D senior Malak Aljerari. Although J-D history classrooms were requested to show videos in the previous months outlining the changes in student body government, the changes might still appear nuanced to the majority of students. Concerning the Student BOE Representative, under the new Constitution this role will be more directly interconnected with the student government.

The future goals and intention of the Student BOE Representative have been outlined by Mr. Franz, J-D assistant superintendent. Effectively, this role is the student liaison and embodies the student perspective to the J-D administration and Board of Education. Among other things, this means gathering student body data on specific topics through exchanges, google forms, and other surveys. Two tentative dates for analysis and action planning presentations include climate survey data in September or October and a 20-week impact report in January.

“This position is for someone with strong leadership abilities, who will be able to provide helpful insight to the board and administration, as they effectively represent the student voice.”

Malak Aljerari, current Student BOE Representative

Other J-D elections and their nominees being voted on this Friday include: Executive Board (Juniors: Frank Wang, Amanda Aitken, Karunmay Aggarwal, Shreyank Bhatt; Sophomores: Vanessa Sobey, Brian Tollar, Jakob Denning; Freshman: Berkeley McBride, Aarohi Rastogi, Danielle Patterson, Matthew Centolella, Madeyln Murphy) and Student Council (Juniors: Cadence Milligan, Stella White, Asma Hasan, Yavuz Damkaci; Sophomores: Kayla Lisk, Lucas Chiorini, Furqan Hasan; Freshman: Owen McQuiston, Flora Mei, Sharon Kim, Nicole Chen).

Gabrielle Kleiner, '24
Gabrielle Kleiner is a junior at JDHS and the Rampage Lifestyle editor. She enjoys reading strange books and playing with her dog.