The Top Ten Episodes of “The Office” that have Nothing to do with the Omicron Variant

10. “Finale”

I love this Season 9 episode of the popular NBC sitcom. It wraps up the series perfectly and even features actors who had already left the show. It’s a heartwarming ending to the beloved comedy.

9. “Gossip”

This episode is hilarious! Michael’s classic antics are on display as he spreads rumors around Dunder Mifflin that are not about who has omicron (everyone).

8. “Fun Run”

This 40-minute episode discusses an illness that is not COVID. Refreshing.

7. “The Injury”

Michael hurts his foot, Dwight gets a concussion, and I might have COVID because the girl who sits next to me in AP Lang was absent yesterday. It could have been unrelated to omicron, but let’s be real here. She probably gave me COVID. If not her, it must have been that coughing dude I passed in the hallway earlier. Oh god…

6. “Scott’s Tots”

COVID is not mentioned once in this episode.

5. “Business School”

Not in this one either.

4. “Goodbye, Michael”

It is mentioned in this one. In a deleted scene, Michael gets COVID on the plane and dies. I got on a plane over break. Am I going to die?

3. “Casino Night”

Is school going to go all remote? I don’t know if I can do that again. I spent a year of my life on Zoom. I will not do it again, GOSH DANG IT!!!

2. “Stress Relief”

There was a guy in my chemistry class wearing his mask below his nose. He didn’t look sick, but he could have been asymptomatic. Is that even a thing anymore? Everything changes so quickly these days. He’s going to kill us all!!!!!

1. “The Dinner Party”

Omicron is inevitable. COVID is inevitable. The apocalypse is upon us. And it was so funny when they played charades!

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