The Children of Steel Offers Free Tutoring to All Elementary Students

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Last year, Jamesville-DeWitt High School students recognized that, in the midst of online learning, many elementary students needed assistance with their schoolwork but were unable to access tutoring that accommodated both COVID-19 guidelines and financial restrictions. As a result, The Children of Steel, J-DHS chapter, was created.

The following questions were answered by Nathan Warren-Faricy, president of The Children of Steel at J-DHS.

  1. What is The Children of Steel?

The Children of Steel (COS) is a free tutoring organization where high schoolers tutor elementary school kids. By doing this we help kids who are struggling as a result of COVID, or maybe just those who need help with school in general. But COS is more than just a tutoring club. We use our connections to build community and help those in need through a variety of community action projects that can range from volunteering at a food pantry to an Earth day clean up. By doing this we not only help the kids we tutor, but everyone around us too.

  1. What is your mission statement?

As high school students, we understand what it feels like to fall behind in classes. Though there is outside tutoring, some may be exceedingly expensive. Some disadvantaged families cannot afford these classes. To combat socioeconomic barriers, the Children of Steel was designed to provide FREE online tutoring for ALL students. With our programs and network tools online, we are able to provide free learning with student-oriented tutoring to anyone, anywhere.

  1. Who are your officers?

COS officers are Nathan Warren-Faricy as President, Joanna (JoJo) Cooper as Vice President, Isaiah Steinberg and Lily Dovchiak as Program Directors, and Ella Brann and Social Media Coordinator.

  1. What does The Children of Steel do?

In the Children of Steel we tutor kids in grades k-5, and help with school and/or homework. We also aim to build bonds and relationships with the kids we tutor as a way to build community.

  1. What kind of students does The Children of Steel target?

COS targets a range of students, from those who might be struggling with their school work to those who might just need someone to talk to and look up to.

  1. Why do you think it’s important for students to get involved in The Children of Steel?

The Children of Steel is an amazing way for people to get involved in the community. It builds ties and also provides a unique opportunity to gain volunteering hours. 

  1. What are The Children of Steel’s goals for this next year?

As far as our goals, we want to be able to build a reliable tutor and student base that not only benefits from, but also enjoys the time spent with The Children of Steel.

  1. Any other information that you feel is important to potential club members?

COS is a great way to be involved in the community in an easy and low stress way.

Grace Evans, '22
Grace Evans is a senior at Jamesville-DeWitt High School. Grace enjoys writing both professionally and personally. In addition to RamPage, she is involved in RamFeed and a few other clubs. Grace is also the Student Board of Education Representative at J-D.