Thanksgiving Food Photos 2020

Students in Mrs. Troubetaris’s photography classes shared images of their delicious Thanksgiving bounty. Enjoy the slideshow and try not to drool too much!

Photographers in order of appearance:

Tara Pollock, Maeve Murphy, Cam Moynihan III, Maeve Murphy, Mairenn Murphy, Amanda Aitken, Neve Gordon, Natalie Goodson, Yaniv Shimshon, Aaron Ko, Tara Pollock, Katie Bates, Emmet McCaul, Sasha Fagelman, Paige Kinahan, Erin Dadey, Riley Dineen, Norah Morris, Ava Mone, Asma Hasan, Erin Dadey, Alexandra Bronchetti, Alexandra Bronchetti, Tom Tracy, Natalie Goodson, Celia Kemmis, Josephine Dittman, Julia Ziff

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