Students Weigh in on Spirit Week Themes

For the week of September 27, Jamesville-DeWitt High School will hold a school spirit week! Hopefully, students will have enough spirit to not steal soap dispensers. One can only hope. Recently, the totally and utterly official J-DHS student section LinkedIn posted the themes. 

Day One will be “Dress Like Your Favorite Non-Influential Person from the 1960s (Dead or Alive).” Some people that fit this theme include your grandmother, somebody else’s grandmother, your grandfather, somebody else’s grandfather, and Pablo Picasso. And if you don’t know who Pablo Picasso is, he’s basically knock-off Bob Ross with less hair. An undisclosed sophomore told Yampage, “I went over to my grandparents’ house today to get some inspiration, but nobody answered the door, which was so weird because their car was still in the garage. Instead, I had to resort to Google.” Thank you for that all-important and informational input, undisclosed sophomore.

Moving on to Day Twosday which they have decided will be “Dress as Your Favorite Two-Toed Marsupial Day.” Many students are concerned as to what they’ll dress as since we’ve been informed that two-toed marsupials don’t exist. Other concerns that have been voiced are how you would dress as an animal, how you would manage to cut six toes off, and how warm it would be with animal fur glued to your skin. 

For everybody’s favorite day of the week (Wednesday, obviously), the theme will be “Walrus Wednesday.” Yes, that is correct. Everyone will be prompted to dress in all brown and steal straws from the school cafeteria. A senior (who will remain anonymous) shared their thoughts with Yampage: “The concept of Walrus Wednesday is single-handedly the most environmentally damaging spirit week theme I have ever heard of. If it was really about the walruses, the school would be encouraging the use of reusable or sustainably made straws rather than supplying animal-killer plastic straws.” The senior ended their approximately 13-minute rant by stating, “How does the school expect people to properly wear their masks with straws sticking out? This was very poorly thought out and 100% not COVID friendly.”

Moving on to the day that’s still not Friday yet. Thursday’s theme will be “Dress as Your Favorite Lampshade.” Whether this be wearing it as a hat (yes, the dress code will be allowed to be broken for one day), dressing as the pattern, or shoving a giant cone underneath your dress, the possibilities are endless. My personal favorite lampshade is linked if you’d like some inspiration: Margret’s lampshade. 

For the last and final day of spirit week, J-D did not disappoint. Friday’s theme will be “Dress as Your Favorite Architectural Arch.” This category can be interpreted in so many different ways due to the more than 30 different arches to choose from. Whether you’re into the classic segmental arch or leaning more towards the arches of ancient Rome on the Colosseum, there is an option for you. One student came to Yampage to express their excitement, “I’ve been waiting years for architecture to finally have its moment. I’m just about so happy I could spit on a cow.” And while we’re not quite sure what that means, the student ran away before we could ask or get their name.

On behalf of all of Yampage and Jamesville-DeWitt High School, we hope to see all the students dressed in these totally legitimate and appropriate spirit week themes. Show off your school spirit, Red Rams!

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