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Featuring students in Mrs. Troubetaris’s photography classes — listed below in order of appearance.

  1. Morgan Moracco
  2. Cleo Shiomos
  3. Natalie Goodson
  4. Will Cooper
  5. Sadie Mahan
  6. Megan O’Malley
  7. Katelyn Cosbey
  8. Kate Distefano
  9. Maeve Murphy
  10. Madie Phillips
  11. Emma Dehan
  12. Caroline Skahen
  13. Nate Reeder
  14. Hamza Hassan
  15. Emma Kravec
  16. Grace Lore
  17. Casey Sullivan
  18. Ella Brann
  19. Julia Zamora
  20. Daniela Arevalo-Leyva
  21. Kayla Green
  22. Renee Reddick
  23. Abigail Stephens
  24. Hannah Fuchsberg
  25. MacKenzie Collins
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