Spring Into Fall Fashion Trends

1Schoolgirl Chic

Pleated skirts, specifically plaid, are very popular this year because of the “school girl” aesthetic. This pairs well with a button down shirt underneath a crewneck sweatshirt or sweater. White sneakers or doc Martens complete this outfit with flair.

2Walk On Your Wild Side

The popularity of loose fitting jeans isn’t a new trend, however it is very prevalent in today’s fashion. Animal print has also become popular for pants, shirts, and jackets. A thick and chunky cardigan welcomes the arrival of cool weather while showing off the animal underneath.  A relatively new trend is wearing a shoelace as a belt, an innovative way to utilize other pieces of clothing in an outfit.

3Get Your Hula On


Layering patterned shirts has become a very popular fashion choice among teens everywhere. Wearing these things over top of a cropped top or tighter shirt is very popular. The patterns people are wearing a lot this fall are geometric patterns and florals. Belts have also become very intricate in an outfit. This belt specifically, is a little more bold, but it makes the outfit have more spunk and style.

4The Colors of Fall

The trend that has been very large this year, is wearing more natural colored clothing. Wearing tan, oranges, warmer colors, marigolds, and many other colors are worn very widely. This style has shown a little bit more mature fashion choices among people. Having simple clothing is very popular because you can make the outfit more interesting using colorful accessories or hair items.

5Comfy and Cozy

A popular style choice at the moment is wearing oversized flannels over top of shirts. Although this isn’t the most new trend, it is widely seen throughout fashion culture today. Having large jackets or shirts put over tight shirts is one of the most seen fashion trends today. Also, the more comfortable look of today’s clothes are very prevalent. There is a beauty in not trying as hard that is very popular today.

6Going Back to the 1800s

A trend of having loose fitting dresses is very popular. This kind of style is inspired by Victorian fashion, specifically the puffy sleeve look. As well as the look of having the hemline hit at the bottom of the chest. This gives it a baby doll inspired look. These kinds of dresses are worn on fashion runways, as well as everyday wear. So to look like a supermodel, get one of these dresses.

7It’s Plaid and Simple

This look incorporates more formal attire, although many people wear outfits similar to this day to day. This would be worn to an event, a presentation, or anything if that sort. Plaid being one of the most popular patterns of this time. This outfit can be paired with boots, specifically doc martens, or even a white sneaker to dress it down slightly.

Nora Gross, '23
Nora is so excited to be co-editing the Lifestyle section this year! She is currently a senior and is interested in fashion, movies, and music! She is also a swimmer for J-D and she does MUN.