Slate Status Update

By Emma Huckins and Anyi Liebler-Bendix

Staff Writers

Each year, Jamesville-DeWitt High School students vote for a new Slate to represent the student body. In the spring, J-DHS elected senior Josh Gutmaker, senior Joe Morgan, sophomore Olivia Behan, junior Simon Schmidt-Hall, sophomore Ishan Gajra, junior Ross Devito, and senior Hunter Siegel to Slate. They’ve promised to fulfill the goals that got them elected by the end of the 2014-2015 school year. Their constituance, the students, have also given their input on how they feel about the new Slate and what they expect from them.

The first thing Slate wants to do is open the doors to the junior lot in the morning, as well as work on the cell phone policy. They also talked about having successful events such as J-D Day. Slate plans to talk to Principle Paul Gaspirini in order to achieve these goals. However, they also need the support of the students.

The Slate agreed that all of these goals are meant to make the school a better place. Opening the doors in the junior lot will cut down on tardiness because juniors won’t be forced to walk all the way around the school to get inside. Also, more successful events will raise money and increase student morale.

J-DHS students have a strong voice in what they want to see Slate do. Junior Hannah Moore talked about how she wanted to see more recycling at the school to help the environment. Lowering school lunch prices was also mentioned by Anthony Impellizzeri, a sophomore. “I want the student government to keep making school a safe place,” junior Hannah Schayes said.

The students are very confident that the Slate will be able to accomplish these goals. Sophomore Rob Dotterer believes they just need to put effort in to succeed. Senior Junghye Kim says that she has complete faith in the student government to carry out their goals.

Many people are wondering if the Mr. JD competition will be held again this year. Devito confirmed that the Slate is planning to hold the competition once again. The Slate also stated that they want to add a Ms. JD, and possibly rename it to be “JD’s Got Talent.”

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