Senior Class Starts New Tradition

Image by Gigi Lecomte, '20

Contributing Writers Timothy Beshers, ’21; Jacob Hamberger, ’20; and Michael Behan, ’22

For many years, the Halloween parade marked the first senior tradition of each school year. But this was not the first senior tradition of our current school year, according to J-DHS senior Gwen Botto. She said, “The senior class officers organized a senior sunrise at the beginning of the school year.” Additionally, Botto said, “The class officers hope to end the school year with a senior sunset.”  After some of the rising seniors suggested the idea to the class officers, the officers made it happen.

This first Senior Sunrise event took place in the J-DHS parking lot during the first week of school. Blurry-eyed seniors arrived at 6:00 a.m. for this first annual event.

The Senior Sunrise is not the only tradition the Class of 2020 is excited about. Senior Rachel Wells said. “I have been looking forward to the Halloween parade since I was a freshman.” A fan of the creative costumes, Wells said, “I think the roller coaster costume was the most memorable costume for me.” 

Senior class president Olivia Harle plans another new event for the end of the year — the Senior Sunset. Harle said, “We hope to end the school year with a senior sunset. The senior sunrise was kind of a test run for the end of the year senior sunset. We hope more seniors join in on the end of the year sunset. It will really be a nice way for us to end the year.”

The senior class officers would like to focus on school spirit throughout this 2019-2020 school year.

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