Masquerade Madness

By Ali Durkin and Riley Burns

Staff Writers

Students of all grades are lining up and waiting to get their tickets to the Semi Formal Masquerade Dance on Saturday Dec. 6. The dance will be from 7 p.m.  to 10 p.m. and tickets will be sold for the presale price of $7 or for $10 at the door. The first 100 students who purchase a presale ticket will receive a free mask, which matches the Masquerade theme.

This is the first year that there has been a theme for the dance, but there will be some similarities to past years as well. “This year we wanted a theme to make the dance more fun and exciting,” said senior class officer Julia Slisz who is running the dance along with other seniors. School administration gave permisssion to allow students to wear masquerade masks. Similar to past years, drinks and candy will be sold at the dance. Senior class adviser, Michael Keenan, is helping to organize and guide the progression of this years dance. “The seniors this year also organized last years Semi Formal as juniors,” says Keenan. “The theme is fun and different and the seniors really liked the idea of masquerade.”

Aside from the masquerade theme, a lot of students have been asking what people wear to the dance. “Most girls wear nice dresses while guys usually wear a nice shirt and khakis,” says Slisz. Freshman Griffin Cook is hoping to make it to the dance along with his friends. Unlike sophomores Cassie Durkin and  Mary Dorazio who are excited to dress up, Cook doesn’t care much about what he is going to wear. “But I’m excited to see how the night turns out,” Cook added.   

Unlike some other school dance events, most of the students aren’t planning to bring a date to attend the dance. Students like Durkin and Dorazio are going with a group of their friends. “My favorite part of the dance is that I get to wear a dress and take pictures with my friends,” says Durkin. If you want to bring along a friend from a different school, the administration is issuing guest passes. However, in order to do this students have to fill out a form letting the Jamesville-DeWitt High School staff know. “A lot of people have done this in the past so its definitely not a new thing and it’s actually fun meeting new people at a school function like Semi,” says Junior Paige Sherling.


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