School Board Update with Student Representative Max Mimaroglu

According to school board representative Max Mimaroglu (‘21), current issues being discussed on the board are the school budget for the upcoming year, COVID-19 protocols in schools, the school resource officer (SRO) position, and environmental sustainability.  He said, “Much of the discussion surrounds navigating ever-evolving situations with COVID and an equitable and inclusive school environment.”

Mimaroglu also noted the 20% decrease in state funding for schools in New York State, the largest cut ever in the state.  He stated that much of the board’s current discussion revolves around how the budget will be allocated for next year with less funding, as well as the possibility of continuing COVID safe learning into next school year.

Mimaroglu’s campaign promises earlier in the year included the formation of a direct line of communication between students and the board, discussion around “more equitable solutions to the SRO position,” discussion of environmental issues, and preparation of students for their futures.  He believes he has delivered on these promises, seeing as environmental issues and the SRO position are current talking points of the board.  He said, “My major campaign promise was to bring student voices to the board, helping tackle issues of environmental sustainability, and kick starting conversations as well as discussing students’ social emotional needs.  I believe I have begun to fulfill that promise.”

The 2020-2021 school year marked the second year that Jamesville-DeWitt has had a student representative on the Board of Education.  Senior Max Mimaroglu was elected in October 2020 to represent the students of the J-D schools.  Following his victory, RamPage interviewed him, and now he has an update.

For more information on board discussions, check out the J-D Board Agendas and Minutes page, which goes in depth into what is discussed at each board meeting.  Students can also feel free to reach out to Mimaroglu with any questions or concerns at

Isaiah Steinberg, '23
Isaiah Steinberg is a senior at J-DHS. He is the Standards Editor and News Editor for the RamPage. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing with his half-brother, or sleeping.