Return of the VMA’s

September 24, 2014

By Aimee Comanici and Aryana Nazem

Staff Writers

Illustration by Ana Martinez  Graphic Artist

Illustration by Ana Martinez

Graphic Artist

The performers Nicki Manaj, Ariana Grande, and Beyoncé left several Jamesville- DeWitt High School students in awe at the 2014 VMAs. The VMAs took place on Aug. 24.

“My favorite performance was Beyoncé, because she is Beyoncé, and she is flawless,” said freshman Kathryn Arendt. Beyoncé’s 20 minute performance allowed her to perform many of her songs that are on her album titled “Beyoncé.” “Drunk in Love,” “Partition,” and “***Flawless” are just some of the songs she performed.“It’s amazing what she is doing at her age,” said sophomore Julia Cavanaugh speaking about Beyoncé being a mom, a wife, and one of the top musical artists, all at 33 years old.

Julia Dettor’s favorite part was when the camera streamed to Blue Ivy and showed her dancing to “***Flawless.” Beyoncé ended her performance by bringing up her family, daughter Blue Ivy and husband Jay-Z.  

Katie Tzvanis said that Nicki Minaj rocked it even with an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction and she was “Bootylicious” during the performance of her new song “Anaconda.”

An unexpected moment at the VMAs that Jamesville DeWitt High School students had a difference of opinion on was when Jesse Helt accepted Miley Cyrus’s award for Music Video of The Year. Jesse Helt is a homeless youth who met Miley Cyrus through “My Friend’s Place” organization.This organization helps to let homeless youth reach their full potential and have the ability to turn their life around.

“I thought that it was very sweet and nice and gave her a whole new image for that one day,” said freshman Alex Payne. “I think Miley Cyrus just wanted attention because she hasn’t had any in a while, but it was all for a good cause,” said sophomore Makenzie Keeler.

Several students at J-D said that they used some type of social media during the show. Keeler said she tweeted about Taylor Swift because she liked her performance of her new song “Shake it Off.” One of the promotion that the VMAs had was to vote for the nominees by texting in. However this was not very popular among JDHS students. An exception was sophomore Gabrielle Tanksley said she voted for 5SOS because they are her favorite band. Another app used to talk about the VMAs was snapchat. Cavanaugh snap chatted her friends about performances throughout the night.  

Over all the Jamesville- DeWitt High School students had a positive reaction to the annual award show. Share

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