Results of the 2021 Political Cartoon Contest!

Photo edited by Jack Louise ’22

The Opinion section of Rampage recently ran a political cartoon contest students at the high school could enter. After over 100 submissions, 25 were recognized as semi-finalists. After a round of voting by Rampage section editors, a top-five were determined. These five are below with the author’s name and graduation year in no particular order. The other 20 semi-finalists are in a flipbook at the bottom with the author’s name and graduation year.

Carly Branagan ’23
Emma White ’22
Sarah Feng ’22
Ayah Abdel-Aziz ’23
Zamora McBride ’23

See the 20 semi-finalists below!

David Scibilia, '22
David Scibilia is a Junior at JDHS as well as the Editor for the Opinion section of Rampage. When not reading or writing about current events, Scibilia is either playing video games (favorite being Battlefield 1) or playing one of several instruments.