RedRams Sabbath: The Best Teacher Band You’ve Never Heard of

Hello, my dear readers! Have you heard the news? Your very own teachers have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! RedRams Sabbath is an all teacher band based at JD High School. The lead guitarist is none other than Mr. Berger, on drums you have Mr. Sul, on Bass is Mr. Brodsky and the lead singer is Mr. Klemperer. On Saturday, November 13th, all four teachers were inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Yampage had the pleasure of interviewing the members of the band about their amazing achievement. 

When talking to lead guitarist Mr. Berger, he told us, “It all started in Mr. Sul’s basement. We were all chilling, watching our favorite cartoons, and Mr. Klemperer suggested starting a band. We practiced on school nights because we are bad boys! Mr. Sul’s wife would kick us out after nine, though.” 

Yampage also had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Brodsky, the band’s bassist. When asked about his musical inspiration, Brodsky cited the Queen. We then asked if he meant Queen, and he replied, “No, the Queen of England.” 

Yampage also sat down with lead vocalist, Mr. Klemperer, to ask about what techniques he uses to warm up his voice before a performance. “I tend to sing all the numbers of pi, I’ve almost reached the end.” When we asked Klemperer how this could be possible, as pi is a never ending number, he responded by saying he is a math teacher and knows what he is doing. 

Finally, Yampage spoke to Mr. Sul, the drummer, about when their next performance will be. Mr Sul said, “We are playing at the semi formal on November 20th, it’s gonna be rad! We’ll be distributing RedRams Sabbath headbands and showing up in a sporty McLaren.”  

Well, my dear readers, there you have it! Don’t forget to bring earplugs on November 20th and to congratulate these dynamite teachers on their amazing achievement. RedRams Sabbath will, without a doubt, go down in history. 

Karletta Higgins
Born in 1987, Karletta Higgins is a convicted forger, and soap carving enthusiast. Karletta was arrested in 2000 when she attempted to steal the Declaration of Independence, but accidentally replaced it with the Gettysburg Address and signed her name at the bottom. When in prison she taught a soap carving class to her fellow inmates. Now she writes for Yampage at Jamesville DeWitt and in her free time attempts painting. So far, she can’t get past stick figures. The best way to reach Karletta is through her parole officer Tara Sandhu Pollock (‘23).