Rambunctious Showcases Original Student Work in a Stunning New Issue

Photo Credit: Sasha Fagelman ('24) for Rambunctious

By Contributing Writer, Sasha Fagelman ’24

The Rambunctious Literary Magazine, a student-run publication dedicated to fostering creativity at Jamesville-DeWitt High School, released a new issue that redefines its bounds of exceptionality. The magazine is made up of carefully selected pieces, and composed of writing and artwork from every grade. This edition was built and reshaped by its dedicated staff, who combine submissions into spreads that showcase the talent of the student body. Although Rambunctious hasn’t reverted to its pre-pandemic printed magazines, this issue’s digital version is no way lacking in quality and originality. “I really like the way the visuals came together in this issue, I think it’s the best issue yet,” said Ms. Myers, the club’s advisor.”

Before the design process can take place, Rambunctious’s staff has to encourage the student body to submit their work. They accomplish this by reaching out to students with posters in hallways and classrooms, as well as via the morning announcements. These methods prove
effective, but the invaluable method has been the support of J-D teachers.

“I encourage students to submit their original works to Rambunctious because this publication provides an opportunity for students’ skills and talents to be on display for a wider audience. The Rambunctious staff has done an excellent job of organizing and showcasing artists’ and authors’ works to produce a visually stunning display in both hard copy and digital forms over the years. We have so many talented and creative individuals in our high school, and just as we celebrate our academic and athletic success, we need to recognize and celebrate our creative and artistic success in addition to recognition of growth in all areas as measures of success,” says english teacher Ms. Romeiser.

The staff of the magazine began the creation process by matching up writing and artwork on the floor during a meeting one Friday afternoon. Once the format was decided, the software program Adobe InDesign was used to construct the page layouts. After thoughtful collaboration, and the blossoming of ideas, a theme was chosen. With a mix of sharp color blocking, and the incorporation of Rambunctious-produced graphics, a striking presentation of this edition was accomplished. The vivid colors incorporated into this edition, accompanied by impressive writing and photography, make for a magazine that exemplifies excellence.

“One major challenge we faced was getting art submissions, we were able to get some photography, but we were unable to receive any ceramics, drawings, or paintings,” said Rambunctious Editor-in-Chief Madie Phillips. Despite this obstacle, the winter edition of Rambunctious is defined by works of writing and commanding photography that radiate the energy of J-DHS’ aptitude for imagination. This year’s art submissions were carried by the senior class, pieces such as “Swiss Cows” by Dakota Wynn, which contain striking imagery that was skillfully created.

Other works, like Anka Chiorini’s winning piece of Rambunctious’s humor writing contest, “What Will Happen at My Musical Audition?” demonstrate a sophisticated composition that contributes to a thought-provoking and absorbing magazine. Despite busy schedules and sometimes uncooperative technology, Rambunctious Literary Magazine has proved again how coming together with the intention of creating something meaningful brings great results. With spring kicking off, a new issue is soon to be in the works. But first, check out the winter edition of Rambunctious.

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