Press Release: Unified Friends Club to Host Halloween-Themed Waffle Sale

Photo Credit: "Pixabay" on Shutterstock (Creative Commons License)

Contributing Writers: J-DHS Special Education Department

Room G17 and Unified Friends Club are teaming up to make and sell Halloween-themed waffles this upcoming Monday October 31, 2022, on Halloween! The waffles will be made from scratch and cost $5 for regular waffles, and $6 for gluten-free waffles.

Photo Credit: Special Education Teacher Marangelie Mercado

The waffle sale will be located in the main entrance foyer at 7:20 a.m. and in the afternoon at 12:30 p.m. The previous date was last Friday, but Principal Lawson had the great idea of having the waffle sale on Halloween day. If it goes well, it can become an annual Halloween tradition at J-DHS!

Students and staff are so excited for this opportunity, students from Room G17 get to show their vocational skills, while getting to experience being part of the process of gathering funds for their club activities and meetings. These skills include socializing with other students, following a recipe, figuring out change, setting timers, being resourceful if there is an accident, and cleaning up after finishing a project. Even the act of taping flyers around the school – thinking and having the mindset of a team where they know their roles and are self-directed because they know the expectations. All of these things are part of the process and the teachers in G17 try to make it fun while still being inclusive and educational on different levels.

Photo Credit: Special Education Teacher Marangelie Mercado

If anyone wants to help and support this cause, scan the QR code and order some waffles! If you’re not into waffles, that’s okay; you can still donate money to the cause! Want to help in another way? Stop by G17 and ask for Mrs. G.

Scan this QR code to preorder your waffles! Photo Credit: Special Education Teacher Marangelie Mercado
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