President Biden Should Not Release Oil From the U.S. Reserves

Photo Credit: Dakota Wynn ('23)

President Biden has ordered the release of 50 million barrels of oil from the United States reserves. However, this act is misguided and possibly counterproductive. This temporary measure could lead to gas prices soaring above the current high prices or, at best, little to no change in prices whatsoever. The only thing that is for sure is that this is a temporary possible solution for a forever looming issue.

Oil and other fossil fuels are running out. There is no denying that. Yet instead of investing in renewable energy sources to make them more efficient and viable on a large scale, our government and world are still pinned on oil. The release of oil from the United States, Japan, England, and several other countries is nothing more than an act meant to calm the nerves of the people — not solve the actual problem. But what is Biden going to do to solve this problem? He has stopped a lot of progress in the mining of fossil fuels, as seen with the cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline, before making significant progress with renewable sources. If he is to stop or hinder the progress of the largest energy-creating fields, then he must have an adequate replacement. Biden’s focus should be shifting to a permanent solution for oil prices, not a temporary act that may or may not have the intended effect.

“This is a temporary possible solution for a forever looming issue”

In addition to this, releasing these barrels may have an adverse effect on Americans. If the countries which are currently holding the prices of barrels at roughly $70 at the time of writing (Saudi Arabia and Russia) see the U.S. take this measure to counter them, then they may increase the prices. However, we cannot know for sure what they will do; we can only make educated guesses.

Republicans in the House and the Senate are focusing on the wrong point when arguing that Biden should not release the oil. Instead of focusing on making America truly energy independent through investing in renewable energy sources, they are saying that the reserves shouldn’t be tapped to save people a few dollars at the gas station. While this may be true, it is the weaker argument of the two. Throughout Donald Trump’s entire presidency, we heard him echo how proud he was that America was finally energy independent. But I ask this one question: Will we ever truly be independent if we are relying on an expendable resource?

David Scibilia, '22
David Scibilia is a Senior at JDHS. He is the lead editor of the Opinion section as well as the Public Editor for Rampage. He hopes to study Political Science and Journalism at college after he graduates. When not writing, David works at Trader Joe’s.