Gettin’ Down on Pi Day

Reed Jaworski and Jack Brotzki

Staff Writers

“Absolutely, I plan to celebrate Pi Day every day until I die,” said Mu Alpha Theta President Ryan Pike. On March 14, 2014, ΜΑΘ held it’s first ever Pi Day for the student body of Jamesville-DeWitt High School.

    Pi, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, is a ubiquitous term in mathematics. “As head of the math department, I’ve always felt guilty not having a Pi day,” said ΜΑΘ advisor Betty Wood. She explained that the chemistry teachers always celebrate mole day, so it was “only right” to celebrate Pi Day.

    During activity period on Friday, 3.14, students met in the large cafeteria, and were able to buy baked goods, sing and recite pi poems, and had the opportunity to pie a teacher in the face. Many students, such as sophomore Cassie Galusha, junior Ben Wipper, and Pike, along with J-DHS Math teacher Diane Huyck, agreed that the best part of the event was when senior John Werbowsky pied math teacher Mike Klemperer.

    “It was as marvelous as we had hoped,” said Pike. He explained that ΜΑΘ were uncertain about how successful Pi Day was going to be, as it was only their first one. The event raised somewhere between $200 and $300, and the money will be used to cover the fees incurred by various ΜΑΘ events, as well as for the tassel received on graduation.

    Many students have suggestions on how Pi Day 2015 can be made even better. This Pi Day is expected to be superb as the calendar date: 3-14-15, coincides with the first five numbers of Pi, 3.1415.

    Sophomore Sargon Bebla and junior Charles Palin suggest that having edible pie for sale would be a great addition. They enjoyed the cupcakes and cookies that were for sale, but thought that pie would’ve been the most fitting bake good to sell.

    Junior Ryan Durkin thinks that a pie eating contest would’ve been a good addition to the event. “It’s a good way to show off your pie-eating skills and represent pie day. It’s just another way to show off the eccentric talents that J-D has to offer,” said Durkin.

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