Pi Day Promises to Be a Day to Remember

Back by popular demand, Pi Day will once again be celebrated in full force at J-DHS this year. That’s right: in 2021, the high school is finally giving the under-appreciated holiday the recognition it deserves, middle-school-style. 

After several months of planning, Student Government just yesterday made an announcement about the Pi Day festivities, which will take place on March 15. (When Yampage commented to Student Government about the celebration being the day after Pi Day – which, you know, kind of misses the point – an officer replied with an obviously irritated, “We rounded.” Our follow-up comment on their rounding error was also not taken well).

The Pi Day festivities are looking very promising. There are plans for a pi recitation contest – which will be thrilling, no doubt – as well as a pie bake-off and a pie-eating contest. This is much to the dismay of the Math Department, who support rejoicing in the wonders of mathematics, but find this whole celebration to be incredibly misleading; already this month, three students have gotten confused on their geometry homework and eaten it. Nonetheless, Mr. Clinton is the favorite for the pie-eating contest. 

In fact, every member of the student body, as well as faculty and staff, will be expected to participate in the festivities. Even Mr. Eldridge plans to make an appearance – purportedly just for moral support, though rumors have been flying that he will shave his head for the winners.

The excitement for Pi Day is tangible. One senior reported that, “Pi Day was the highlight of my middle school experience; a day I will never forget. I’m just so glad we could bring it back in high school; to celebrate one more time before I graduate.” A few people have even resurrected their 2015 Pi Day t-shirts. Overall, it’s shaping up to be an exciting day all around.

Agatha Smoot
Agatha Smoot is an elite butter churner from Willow Canyon, Arizona. After 57 years of butter churning, she found the career had become too intense to continue full time and decided to pursue other passions. Smoot packed her bags and moved to Jamesville, New York in 2017 for the sole purpose of starting a career at Yampage. Since then, she has dedicated herself to providing the best, juiciest, and most accurate stories of the happenings at JD High School, though she continues to participate in butter-churning competitions on the weekends. Her other hobbies include candle making, scarf knitting, whittling, and hot yoga. Rumor has it, Smoot lives deep inside the unused locker of Emily Ninestein (‘21) and will only respond to Xtra Cheddar Goldfish or acapella performances of Bohemian Rhapsody.